Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Detoxifying is important in the human system, as the regular intake can improve one's healthy diet. It's comprises of the combination of fruits and vegetables which are soaked in water for a desired amount of time.

The body takes in waste from what we eat, breathe, drink or the environment. Such accumulation of toxic can lead to weight gain; obesity which can cause low self esteem and risk at heart diseases.

Even modest weight loss can help to improve ones self esteem.

Toxins, which have a long lasting effect on the body system. Detoxifying helps to wash and clean the system from accumulating more,the process of detoxifying starts in the Liver. Toxins can stall weight loss which leads to obesity; with related conditions such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetics and certain cancer.

'' When one's system is toxic, the mechanism for detoxifying in the liver gets sluggish and certain toxin's can remain active longer, then we want more than our system can handle''- says Mark Hynen, MD in the blood sugar solution Lo-Dey detox diet. This makes us sick and impedes normal metabolism. It causes fluid retention, bloat and puffer.

Foods that interfere with detoxifying and cause such complications:


-Processed food

-Scrambled eggs

- Caffeine and alcohol

-Refined floor products

- Red meat and diary product

-High salt diet






-Nuts and seed

-Fish; Mackerel, Monk fish, Salmon, Tilapia, Sardines.

-Fats and Oil (natural) drink plenty of water


Detoxifying as we already know helps to clean the toxic waste from our body system, one way it could be done is slicing of fruits and soaking in water for a desired amount of time.

As the fruit are soaked in water, the nutrients is loosed into the water which changes the color and taste of the water.

I normally eat the soaked fruits and vegetables because I don't see them as a waste.

We take toxin to our body from what we eat or breathe or drink which can affect one system on the long run. It's important to practice some safe healthy tips from time to time and detoxifying is one recommended one; we average hustling Nigerians don't have time to pratice some of these things which is dangerous.

Detoxifying cleans the system of all waste, toxins or impurities. Best to be taken in the morning, when one wakes up and I also encourage taking a full glass of water first thing after waking up in the morning.

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