The African black soap is originated from West Africa, is formulated from the ash of indigenous Africa plants and dried peels which gives the soap that dark color effect. Comprised of palm oil,cocoa powder, shea butter etc. Black soap has it popularity among different tribes and ethnic group, but commonly used by women, because of its traditional ingredients and also have some antimicrobial properties against skin microbial such as staphylococcus, escherichia and various others. It also has it benefits on oily and acne prone skin, the soap is safe to use on all skin types.

Unfortunately, beauty gurus have found a way of making the black soap more improved which is expensive and less affordable, well since I cant buy everything from them, a friend of mine gave a suggestion on how we could make our own personalized black soap, with homemade natural ingredients . We carried out some research so as to be sure of what we were introducing to our skin, by the time we were done I headed to the market to get our materials and it cost nothing less than N2500(shocking right).

Now, not to mix things up there are fake black soaps, and the original ones are dry, raw and hard in nature with no form of dilution:



-Coconut oil


-Cam wood


-Vitamine oil

-Shea butter


-Oat meal

-Warm water

-Aloe Vera

-Rose water

-Tumeric powder

With all these above mentioned items, there's no procedure for mixing it just go as you mind tells you. But make sure to pound from time to time while mixing and use your hand to mash them also, and your local soap is ready, your welcome.

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