Updated: Sep 24, 2020

The beginning

Early this year, before the corona virus outbreak during the month of march, there was a warning strike from the #ASUU members to the universities nationwide, which some institutions accord to, while others didn't as result of the tight academic activities and the wrong timing of the strike.

Based on major facts and conversation from academic staffs, the reason for the strike was as result of government introducing a new salary payment method. "INTEGRATED PAYROLL & PERSONAL INFORMATION SYSTEM (IPPIS)'' which was not accepted by most of the universities, because the new method had a condition that no staff name/information appear in more than one university. Which is not what most of them practice or are used to, as a defence they introduced their own method "THE UNIVERSITY TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY SOLUTION (UTAS)''. Which the Federal government didn't agree on, as it didn't seem transparent as it was presented___ which I would summarize all this as GREED.

The novel covid-19 which took all turns differently, putting the world to a stop. Which means double walaha for the Nigerian federal university student. During the lock down the FG called on ASUU for an online meeting with some international bodies which they declined saying, they wanted a physical meeting; now at this crucial period of social distancing and the best way of setting a meeting so as to reach a reasonable agreement was online, but the ASUU board declined just shows some level carelessness from them, and only God knows what they wanted to say so privately that they couldn't say in front of the invited international bodies, if not a sneaky way of pushing their greed, honestly this strike was not at the interest of the student or university but their pocket.

Reading an article from the TRIBUNE newspaper some months back a statement coming from them, that it would be a death sentence for government to open school, that funds should be allocated so as to maintain the safety precautions given by the PTF. But I only saw this as a motive to get extra funds to fuel and satisfy their greed because it was like a gamble if the federal government would answer at that period with the all chaos.

Throughout my stay at home, I was almost unproductive and useless if not for the duty I owe to my blog, my books and some movies. I really don't know how I would have taken such idleness, but the same cannot be said about all Nigerian federal student. If we recall there was a time when the rate of rape was rampant and the order of the day, robbery by the popular ONE MILLION BOYS which instilled fear in the society, and wont be surprised to know that some of the people involved in the vices are student and a result of their inability to make use of their time. The Benin final year student who was gang raped and killed in the church, all because she wanted to make use of her time since our educational body failed us.

While some of this societal ills were on going exposing the students/society to danger our educational board( ASUU) was relaxed. Reversely the private universities were ongoing with their curriculum online, keeping their own students busy during the lock down and going as far as even graduating their students online so as to move on. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about federal university as our own system is slow and one of our failed feature as an institution is a well proper e-learning system which would have been very useful, during the lock down as we already have a slow pace.

No matter the funds being raised or allocated by the government to ASUU they can never give a proper rundown on how the funds were used in developing the various institutions in the country. I understand the plights of ASUU, they are workers to the government and their need and hard work must be awarded and attended to. But, that should not play at the expense of peoples education; elongating their years causing more harm than good to the already messed up educational system.

Also, seeing news and updates on how the government has being spending funds and revenues into different purpose and sectors in the country___ so what about #ASUU? do they consider how many student are sitting at home idle. Months has passed and that means the salaries have accumulated. This brings me to the question if the government really care about us? periodically I see no reason to put blame on #ASUU alone, but on the federal government. In all this drama that plays, what do they portray Nigeria educational system as globally? there is no way one is encouraged to bring their children to an institution where they are not even sure when they will call themselves graduate's, with no delay whatsoever and all this actions which attributes the lop-sides of the institution, because this is suppose to be affordable to all and have the government's full funding but its a joke.

Anyway in the end the decision lies between federal government and #ASUU and we the student just puns in all their demands and we have no choice than to follow. So am just going to conclude by saying since the higher board have sworn on not opening school while we wait on the #vaccine lets just cope with things because not even the #ENDASUUSTRIKE on #twitter worked, we just relax and wait .

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