The issue of mental health is broad and a daily hearing

Which is indeed important or needed for such repetition. With all the chaos and happening around the world this year, its hard to deny the fact that one's mental sanity is at stake.

Am not going to be going to be giving a long lecture on the definition of mental health, but am going to be saying a lot on the importance, significance and the need for it to be enacted in to our laws ( i.e laws on mental health) with the support of the national assembly and also our ignorant state of not accepting what we fully know about. It's our taking for granted all the educative principles and guidelines being said everyday___ which is doing the least to help ourselves.


WHO suggest that nearly half of the worlds population is affected by mental illness with an impact on the self esteem, relationship and ability to function in everyday life. Our mind is timid and fragile as a snail. When a person is emotionally distressed ,she fails to perform physically. Let me paint a picture; A lady has an impromptu interview, and it's one she has always dreamed of, she arrives there and suddenly she nervous, all kinds of thought keep running through her mind at that moment and she starts to panic and might end up messing herself up. And later she starts blaming and beating herself disrupting her peace of mind, which simply instead of experiencing all those trauma, she could cool herself down, talk to herself, find something to keep her inner self together maybe talk to someone, walk around or listen to music so she can perform well and get that job feeling proud and happy.

Our mental sanity and inner peace is very important, one must not be mentally ill before they realize that he or she is not fit. My major point is that our country is underdeveloped which I can largely say is one major contributor that frustrates most adult citizens and children.

The dysfuntionality of our leaders to help push, or advocate the recognition of mental health to the people is alarming. About 25 years ago a member of the senate moved a motion 'MENTAL HEALTH LEGISLATION' which made it only to the second reading and was never elaborated on,this shows the less concern our leaders have towards our psychological health in the nation. A research by World Bank gave its criteria on countries as low income earners,Nigeria was first among other African nations, I also did a research on Google on the Nigeria mental health facilities/development by the government or therapy, all I could get was an Al Jazeera report on the mismanagement of mental facilities in the country.Vices such as unemployment, slow economic status,insecurity,poor networking and insurance settlement, lack of skilled staff, Psychologist(scarce),lack of trained family physician,lack of fully facilitated mental health care centers,insufficient well trained counselors and the list goes on...Now, comparing to the US. which has numerous laws portraying the importance of mental health in their country, of recent a bill was passed into their law THE SAFE STEP ACT(2019).


Amidst all, being realistic, even though all was well established in the mental health sector, there are people who will still not acknowledge to fact that they need that attention. We break down so many times but refuse to cry. It's okay to breakdown and feel weak for some period.Take a break and let those emotions run, it does not show that you are weak it simply means you respect yourself as well as your inner peace. Sometimes we want to talk to somebody but feel like we will be betrayed, or the confidence, of pouring all those emotions. Or maybe, the situation which we wish to bring ourselves out but will be considered weak or feel trapped (mostly male depression). Some of us are fully aware of what the need of mental care and sanity is about, but we fail to take in to practice what we are educated on, knowing the risk of not protecting our minds. Self medications wont help take those problems away, rather a healthy lifestyle change will; Stand up,take charge, Clean your room, Get rid of the alcohol,Go on a stroll, Hike,Go on a full day massage,Read books, Listen to music, Paint,Bake, Mold a clay. Life is hard and we cant be hard with it, be positive, take a deep breath.


There's a lot that can be done to help improve our poorly mental advocacy in Nigeria, with the help from the government, NGO'S,Health foundations through adverts both on television, social medias,You Tube ads,bill boards, wall posters this will surely enlighten the public,vastly on the importance of their mental health and help push my mental advocacy and awareness in the country.

*Talk therapy are one amazing way to help people communicate their minds, even if its individual or support group therapy.

*Eating healthy:there's a saying that goes 'you are what you eat'.


*Light candles




*More health centers

*Active social support

*Spiritual counseling

There are also some personal individuals and NGO's who have contributed to the establishment of mini mental institutions for depressed people,people who struggle with anxiety or panic attacks, P.T.S.D etc.

* - Psych Ng Services.

* - BTH Wellnes and Theraphy .


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