Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The risk of falling ill this period is scary. At least nothing similar to the symptoms of corona-virus. The slightest sneeze or cough goes with a suspicious stare. About some weeks ago, I woke up around 4am with some discomfort from my system, there it was. I ran to the bathroom and started puking everything I had the night before. I should say,that was the most recorded experience of puke, I have ever had. I kept on stolling and vomiting till 5am then, everything came to a stop. Not until I had poured water on my just made hair, in order to cool myself, I know what you all must be thinking, it was a natural hair twist that's why I had the nerve to do that.

Fast forwarding to later on,my body was weak from all the stress earlier .My absence in the house was noticed after my sister spoke out about my aliment. Now, this is where the whole drama played: My parents asked me what was wrong with me and I narrated what had happened earlier. My mother shouted and said ''hmmm! with all this sickness that is going on, you will be having that kind of combination, and still keep quite. Please be talking let somebody know whats happening, before they pack all of us away''.

My father,on the other hand hearing 'VOMIT'' asked 'EHNN!' like three times!!!

what everybody in the sitting room heard once. Like the typical Nigeria parents, thought I was pregnant, he's always talking about me getting pregnant ,and how he will offload me from his house. At least, somebody thought otherwise. My junior sister, who was listening quietly, asked if the symptoms had nothing similar to that of corona-virus and she was relieved when she got a no for an answer.

When I thought everything had ended , later on my mom's cousin who stays with us told me that she started imaging how I had caught the virus and the NCDC* took me away for treatment and came back weeks later saying I couldn't make it and my body was in their care, and everybody was crying and they took everyone in the house except her for test.

Well am fully recovered now, that why I'm able to write this post .Please lets learn to get use to our new normal , go with the regulations set up by the government and PTF* and NCDC* and don't forget to always wash your hands with running water. here's some pics of me enjoying my time at home .

*NCDC- Nigeria's Center for Disease Control.

*PTF- Presidential Task Force.

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