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Soooooo I'm going to drop this acronym first :


U-Underdeveloped minds A.K.A poem writers.




R-reading! reading!

In my year one, first semester, me and my friends were strolling home and this girl who was walking towards us stopped us and told us to cross over to the other side of the lanes, that there seemed to be some tension at the school's main gate so we did, and suddenly we saw students running down and we started running too, it all seemed quick and scary, it was then I told my friends to stop running, that people at the black and white field opposite us were still cool before I could realize what was happening I saw a guy in black and black holding cutlass with blood dripping. I was the one who shouted RUNNNN! everyone at the black and white field scattered oh. At the time we were running I heard ZRAPhhhhh from somewhere ___ I didn't know where and I didn't care. We ran to the nearest building, begged them to open the door for us, nobody answered but there were voices inside and we were outside scared as a mice__they must have probably thought we were cultist too. And we were just watching people running around screaming and looking for safety .Until everything was cool, it was then we came down and my friends brought to my knowledge the catastrophe of my skirt, my skirt was torn from the slit to the ZIP!! Everything opened, I was terrified, guess what! we used stapler to hold my skirt together, of course I was uncomfortable it didn't last cos the pins were removing and I still can't remember who brought that idea among us (creative minds with inadequate resources...the story of my life) .

Its a new session for most campuses in the country, so is the stress for an average Nigerian student beginning from school fees , to hostel fee, house rent,clearance fee, textbooks,attending classes, defending projects (for final year students) catching early morning shuttle, getting seats at the lecture hall or not and yes night class, this is what it looks like for those who will get confused.

I know some of you were thinking it's a continuation of the morning/afternoon classes,In truth night class is a life saving moment for most students especially during the exam time,it's filled with different characters; those who come to read, those who sleep from the moment they open their books, and sleep till the following morning, those who come to wild away time, those who seem to never brush or bath before coming and want to kill somebody with their odor and those who come to steal electronics. Many will say night class is dangerous, but not for me the experience is everything and you get to meet with new people from other disciplines and also relate with your colleagues in higher or lower levels who you never talk to. Those past questions and materials that I never see till that exam time, not to forget those women who safe our lives during those hunger and thirst , if not for them some of us would have given up because they are our plugs.

The hostel life, is also one place where we learn a lot. and deal with a lot of characters and people from different backgrounds and trainings. The hostel life though is not an easy one, you have to check constantly; your clothes on the line ,deal with the smelling toilets and bathroom, unclean environment and mosquitoes ,the building itself is unwelcoming. One can never keep their items and find it there, it just seems to change position. But, forget all those hostel life is SWEET there are never boring times, just from one event to another, mostly at night. Sometimes one can go broke and to the level of dryness, and those roommates who come to the rescue; share cooked food or help with foodstuff, spices or borrow their gas or stove, cooking those delicious palm oil rice, concoction meals (where you throw everything into the pot at once), using palm oil to fry yam or plantain ,cook stew just improvising in both ways to just to kill the hunger. A friend of mine told me about 'WITHOUT' that is AFANG/MELON mixed together without meat, equally the Eba will come out large, a regular order by males in the hostel when they go to Mamaput.

Not to forget those periods of registrations that are always frustrating and nerve-racking, the going and coming back, starting here and finalizing there. Sorting of courses; those lecturers that after you pay money they will tell you A's & B's have finish do you have a choice? The notorious marlians ; Awon no manners, 0 belts with a thousand trouser.

The political ambitious students who think the school is their domain. Sha politics is everywhere, those hustling students (doing one job or the other to pay bills and add to their regular pocket money) in recognition of the married ones and those who sponsor themselves, the Efiko's the ever ready students no matter the impromptu or out of the curriculum tests or exams.

In conclusion, the few times of solidarity which we have among ourselves , those events that connect us altogether anywhere we find ourselves; parties, self medication, weed, deep philosophy and intellectual talks, politics, sex, movies,books and music. Being a higher level education student is one stage that embeds into us development of understanding life more and deeper. A student life can just never be settled there's always a fence and you all will agree with me that these few years spent in the university is responsible for the molding of one into adulthood or not, which are permanent life changes. thanks everyone viewing my post , please do well to share your view and thoughts on today's blog.

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