Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Welcome! welcome!welcome! to my page o'ye new family of mine

its where am bringing a lot of juicy story/experiences to you all.

With a guilty face forgive my manners I am Mgbe Blessing a Law student from the University of Calabar, also an Entreprenuer and Feminist . I love sight seeing, going on adventures,learning new things ,watching movies,learning new recipies those are basically my hobbies. So be comfortable to respond and say anything in the comment section as I will be open to answer all thought & questions as the adult we are. as I am the student and you

the teacher , you the student and I the teacher .

Please do well to introduce yourself in the comment section in every future post as I will reply with all enthusiasm (lovelies) . Say your name ,where your from and a little talk about your location or maybe your today's experience.

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