I wish someone gave me tips on how to properly dye hair. On a second thought, I wish I researched more hacks on dyeing hair; how to avoid it from staining your hand or body, making a mess out of it. More like safety hacks, I have always wanted to dye my hair for God knows how long but kept pushing it away. I loved the way it gives more beauty to the hair, rather than the regular boring black and so this lock down I decided to take that want into my reality.

After watching ''one'' video on how to dye natural hair on You Tube with my incomplete materials and feeling like I was ready and knew it all, I set my tools on the bathroom sink and started my mixture with no towel on my body and imagining my self being a you-tuber and giving my tips to my viewers on how simple it was to dye hair, saying all this things in the bathroom and grinning foolishly from premolar to molar.

Ordinarily one is suppose to carry out such procedure with a dry hair but I did mine with my just washed hair which I later found out was suppose to be done otherwise. By,the the time I was done applying the dye, the bathroom was beyond recognition, everywhere was sprayed dye. The walls, sink, bathtub, toilet, floor and my hands__ I don't know how! because I wore gloves.

While cleaning the mess while the dye sat on my hair for some extra minutes, if only I knew the dye was just acting as a deep conditioner and not the dye itself and there would be no need of applying any later. Minutes passed I set off to wash the hair which to my disbelief my hair still looked the same no sight of the dye on my hair but I managed to paint my hands and other part of my body.

I went to my bathroom with a motive but no accomplishment, well am rocking my hair now properly dyed because the second time came out successful (with a smile). I learnt new hacks and was more careful, applied ointment around my head and I feel accomplished now.

My dyeing tips are simple and forward as:

* Always have a disposable cloth, before applying it.

* Make sure you have all items complete like a salon pro.

* Have an ointment or lip balm to help prevent the dye from getting to your skin which can be difficult to remove later.

* Start dyeing on dry hair, preferably one mixed with conditioner before such application and apply shampoo the night before.

* Have an extra glove, latex free specifically.

* Use a good shower cap while you wait.

* Before swimming apply coconut oil and cover it



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